“I’m blessed to be able to do what I love every day.

my patients are like family to me.”

–Dr. Wendy Dickerson

Dr. Dickerson is a miracle worker! I went to see her before my 20th high school reunion to help look younger and refreshed. I had an AquaGold and Venus Viva laser treatment done and the results were amazing.
— S.L.
Dr. Wendy Dickerson is a perfectionist and excels at everything she does. She is also beautiful inside and out and smart as a whip! I had micro-needling with PRP and loved it. I am looking forward to learning about the latest procedures to stay healthy and youthful.
— Emily
I am a man in my fifties who has never taken care of my skin. I felt that I was looking tired, and even angry or unapproachable due to the lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows. I went to Dr. Dickerson for help. She started me on a very simple skin care routine. I also got Botox to help prevent more wrinkles from forming. I have had three treatments with the Venus Viva. That has really reduced wrinkles and y skin looks tighter, smoother and healthier.  I highly recommend Dr. Dickerson, especially for guys like me who don’t really know how to improve their appearance and want to keep a natural look.
— Ted
Dr. Dickerson goes the extra mile in making sure that my concerns are heard and she will stop at nothing to ensure that I am on the best possible treatment plan. She answers questions with patience, and I never feel as if she is judging me for asking (potentially) stupid questions. Additionally, her minor surgery skills are unrivaled—she removed a cyst from my shoulder with confidence, and made sure that my comfort was a priority. She is also very gentle in her acupuncture treatments; I don’t even feel the needles go in! I am so happy with my experience with Dr. Dickerson that I am always confident in recommending her.
— Bridget
This morning when I went to wash my face, it was the first time that I have felt the texture of my face so smooth — the smoothest it has ever been in the past 10 years—like a baby’s bottom. I know it may not mean much to some, but for someone who has struggled with acne, scarring, pigment, it almost brought tears to my eyes. The PRP work and your hands are magic. Thank you so much for all you have done.
— Nicole
I just had the privilege of Dr. Wendy Dickerson’s focused attention on my face, something I have wanted since seeing her success with my son’s acne. She did not disappoint. She used the new Venus Legacy skin-tightening machine on some “problem areas.” I saw immediate results! It’s so comforting to feel such a high level of trust in a medical professional. I have already made my return appointment!
— Laurie
I only have wonderful things to say about Dr. Dickerson! My favorite treatment that she’s given me so far was a PRP facial for my acne and the results were far beyond my expectations. She performed a skin analysis and really took the time to understand my skin concerns and discussed my options for treatment. After just one treatment, I noticed decreased redness and inflammation as well as a big improvement in the scars I’ve had for years.
— Jillian
Dr. Dickerson is a blessing. Her expertise, compassion, and professionalism is consistent and her passion for skin and health is contagious and shines through in her work. I’ve had the PRP micro-needling facial treatments and am impressed by her meticulous attention to detail. I have tried many treatments for acne scarring and her PRP facials are my favorite for quick, lasting results with minimal down time. It’s exciting to have the best skin of my life!
— Shawna
My pre-wedding treatments included Botox, Lip Filler, 3 Micro-needling with PRP treatments and AquaGold. The AquaGold facial was seriously the best thing I could have ever done for my skin to get it wedding and honeymoon ready. I hardly ever wear makeup so after having to wear makeup everyday in Iceland for wedding photos, I was nervous my cystic acne would flare up. But it didn’t, which was incredible. AlI I wore in Italy on our honeymoon was my tinted sunscreen you gave me and mascara and I was good to go. I’ve never felt so confident in my skin.